African History, Heritage & Me

Online AfriVenturerers
Online AfriVenturerers

(Offered Online)

This is NOT your regular old dry “dates and places” history class!!

African History, Heritage & Me is a holistic, African-centered experience that includes music, games, fun projects, challenges, geology, astronomy, geography and more!!

African History, Heritage & Me AfriVenture Summary

Who are Afrikans? Where are Afrikans? What Legacy Did our Ancestors Leave to the World? Did Our Ancestors Discover Time? Who Were the Ancient Timekeepers? What Secret Messages Did Our Ancestors Leave us in their Stories and in the Sands?

In this class we will attempt to answer these questions through a wholistic process of discovery. By examining primary information through many disciplines including geology, geography, astronomy, mythology and more we will construct a preliminary understanding of who our ancestors were and therefore the unlimited potential of who we as Afrikans, can be.


Here’s The Syllabus

  • Week 1 – Our Global African Presence
  • Week 2 – Human Migrations. Places and Names
  • Week 3 – Time. What is it and Who are the TimeKeepers?
  • Week 4 – Origin Stories of Africa
  • Week 5 – Challenge Week
  • Week 6 – Legacies
  • Week 7 – Ancient African Travel, Trade and Conquest
  • Week 8 – Ancient and Modern African Knowledge and Technology
  • Week 9 – Challenge Week
  • Week 10 – Putting it All Together
*MLL reserves the right to change the syllabus as needed to provide a better learning experience

We Are Flexible For The Many Schedules of USA & International Homeschooling & Extraschooling families!

Dates, Times & Costs :

Online AfriVenture

Days:  Thursdays

Dates:  September 22 – December 8, 2016 (10 classes)

Times:   Mornings: 11am to 12:30pm (US Eastern Standard Time)

                Afternoons: 4:00 to 5:30pm

(If The Time Does Not Work For You in Your Country,    Please Let Us Know And We Will Do Our Best To Find a Time That Will Work For You!)

Where:  ONLINE OPEN To  You Wherever You Are In The World!

Classes In Your Timezone

Cost:    $120.00 for one child;

$150 for 2 Children in the same family

$175 for 3 or more Children in the same family

+ $10.00 materials fee

*Must have at least 10 participants


Register Here For AfriVentures

See what others are saying about it:

” AfriVentures were a success for our entire family….(it )was a great learning experience and so much family fun…! Thanks again Mwalimu Njeri Nembhard for this phenomenal learning experience.”

“What a wonderful adventure through our history and legacy. I anxiously look forward to the next online AfriVenture!”

“Our watoto had the opportunity to enjoy a version of this course, it was AMAZING. You talk about time travel, each class had us venturing to various paRts of the world and different time periods of the Universe! We loved it! Asante Sana for creating and offering such a wonderful experience.”

I just wanted to share a BIG THANK YOU to Mama Njeri for putting together such a wonderful African history class for children.  Each Monday we were glued to our computers as (we) journeyed through time with (our) classmates from the comfort of our home.  (We) learned about what it means to be an African, the Maafa , the Dogon people and many other aspects of our African legacy.

“I liked her activities, She had terrific teaching energy and she was exciting.”


“I learned about the Africans all over the world.”

“She kept me interested with new information”

“I learned that things are not always what they look like”

“The strengths were the songs and presentations”

“Mama Njeri knows a lot about history, she makes the classes fun and interesting. “

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