AfriClasses Fall 2021!

Fall Session Begins – Monday September 20, 2021 All AfriClasses™ offered ONLINE

So what is an AfriClass?

Simply put…

An Africlass = AfricanCentered + Hands On + Holistic + Exploratory + Adventurous + Experiential + Educational + Fun

At MLL, we believe in exploration and creativity.  We believe in learning about the Origin of things.  We go beyond the what, where and when – and love to answer the question WHY.  Learning about rivers? Go out and experience one!  Want to learn about history?  Look for it, it is all around us!  Even better – make history – because every moment holds the seeds of greatness!  Our forebears left their traces everywhere – we look for it, dig for it, research it and find it – .

Sound exciting to you?  Then, join us for an  AfriClass!

AfriClass Schedule by day

Our AfriClassesTM

African History, Heritage & Me 1 – 4 This series is NOT your regular old dry “dates and places” history class!! Who are Afrikans? Where are Afrikans? What Legacy Did our Ancestors Leave to the World? Did Our Ancestors Discover Time? Who Were the Ancient Timekeepers? What Secret Messages Did Our Ancestors Leave us in their Stories and in the Sands?

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African Centered Science 1 – 4 This series of AfriClasses™ explores ancient African ideas and philosophies that are the basis of the science that we know today. Through stories, challenges and hands-on projects we will first examine the ancient African understanding of matter and energy, then focus in on electricity – how it works and how it gets to us.

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Building The Blueprint For The World We Want All around us we hear the cries for a change to the current systems we live under. We know what we DO NOT WANT, but do we ever stop to think about what we do want and how we would go about creating this vision. This series of classes is designed to provide the youth with an opportunity to think critically through ideas such as: What does freedom mean to you? What does it look like in action? Is freedom personal or collective? Can it be both?

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Become part of the Afronaut Earth Savers Brigade where we learn how Rivers Are Life and each one has its own story. This is a live in-person AfriClass where we will study the Anacostia River. The Anacostia courses through the DC/MD metropolitan area, unnoticed by many. She is a robust river which quietly supports a rich ecosystem of life in a largely urban setting. To learn her story we will spend time on her banks, follow her paths and learn all about her life and the impact that humans have had on it.

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What are People Saying…

“I liked her activities, She had terrific teaching energy and she was exciting.”


“I learned about the Africans all over the world.”

“She kept me interested with new information”

“I learned that things are not always what they look like”

“The strengths were the songs and presentations”

“Mama Njeri knows a lot about history, she makes the classes fun and interesting. “

Our Motto…..

Sharpen your eyes and tune your ears, So you know what you see, Understand what you hear..

Listervelt Middleton

About Us

Maroon Life Learning, LLC or simply MLL  is a company created by husband and wife team Njeri and Jeffrey Nembhard……. 

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