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23 Feb

Greetings to you and  Thank you * Asante Sana *  Medase *  for visiting our site. 

We are taking a few months off from AfriVentures to restructure our company.  

Thank you for your patience. 

We shall be back soon….. 

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Fall AfriVentures and The AFRONAUT CLUB

16 Aug

Fall 2016 AfriVenturesMLLWelcome to our 4th year of AfriVentures!!

History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be.         ~ John Henrik Clarke

Why not be an AFRONAUT!!  An Afronaut has their Eyes Sharp and Their Ears Tuned into their Afrikan past, present and future.  They are pan-Afrikan and proud of their roots and busy creating an Afri-tastic future! 

Join US Today!

There are 3 ways you can become an AFRONAUT:

1. Join The Afronaut Club which will begin on September 14, 2016. This will be an opportunity to join a growing community of young people who will benefit from the many opportunities to learn and have fun in an African Centered Way all year long!  Check here for more information on this fantastic opportunity

2. Take an AfriVenturetm with us!

3. Do Both! 

Check Out The AfriVenturesTM We Are Offering This Fall!

AfriVenturesTM Begin The Week of September 19, 2016

TimeTable Fall AfriVentures 2016b

Mondays: Think Science Think Africa3

Beginning Monday September 19, 2016

Mornings 11am – 12:30pm EST

Afternoons 4pm – 5:30pm EST



Beginning Tuesday September 20, 2016

Mornings: 11am – 12:30pm EST

Afternoons 4pm – 5:30pm EST




Beginning Wednesday September 21, 2016

Mornings: 11am – 12:30pm EST



ACS Part 2


Afternoons 4pm – 5:30pm EST




Beginning Thursday September 22, 2016

Mornings: 11am – 12:30pm EST

Afternoons 4pm – 5:30pm EST


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Watch This Space!

3 Aug

Fall AfriVentures Schedule

Will Be Posted Soon!!

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14 Mar

History is the clockIt’s AfriTime – 4 CLASSES Beginning This Month!!

Affordable Lifelong Learning

Where do you go when you or your children want to learn more about African history and culture? Chinese people go the Chinese Saturday Schools, Korean people go to Korean afterschool programs or Saturday schools. Well, why not us? Now African people have AfriVentures! Do you often find yourself wishing you or your children knew more about African history, science and culture? or Are you looking for ways to supplement your children’s education with more history about themselves? Then join us for an online AfriVenture. This month we are offering 4 AfriVentures – one for adults and 3 for children. Register Today!

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5 Benefits of an African-Centered Education for African Children

26 Feb

Some months ago I read this wonderful article about the benefits of an African Centered Education published in the Atlanta Blackstar newspaper.  While the benefits and importance of African Centered education for children of African descent may seem obvious to some, it is not understood by too many.  Education has always  been viewed as a tool for uplifting people and instilling in them the tools of a better life.  Well, the right kind of education can do that.  It does not have to be in a brick and mortar facility, nor even resemble what has come to pass as education in our society, but the outcomes of a good education speak for themselves.  We see it in those who are brave enough and able to solve societies problems. In those trailblazers who are able to forge new and useful trajectories for themselves and the world.  In those who live full lives completely engaged in the day to day give and take and end up giving more than they take.  In those who refuse to be put in a box but break free of the expectations of others and present themselves unadorned and beautiful in their own unique narrative.  This kind of person starts out by appreciating themselves.  They have a clear understanding of the story that created the circumstances they are born into and then go about creating their own masterpiece of a story out of the hand that they were dealt.  This type of education is based on the ancient African call “Know Thyself” that was written above the entrance of each temple and lodge  serving as an academic and scientific learning center in ancient Kemet.   Elusive as it is, this is the kind of education we should be striving for.  A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a first step.

Enjoy the article.

Below is the Atlanta Black Star article:

5 Benefits of African-Centered Education

December 22, 2013 | Posted by Tracy
Tagged With: African Culture Consciousness, African Self-Identity, African-Centered Education, Benefits of African-Centered Education, Black Nation, black students, dr. amos wilson, Dr. Asa Hilliard, The Mis-education

  1. Develops African Culture Consciousness

One effect of the enslavement of African people has been the distortion of their cultural consciousness. Preeminent educator and author Dr. Amos Wilson argues that when a people’s culture is distorted, their capacity to appropriately organize, evaluate, and classify information to deal with reality is impaired.

He further argued that culture must be used as a conduit for solving problems and meeting the needs of the people.

African-centered scholars and educators argue that children of African descent must be taught their culture through a process of re-Africanization. This process begins with an African-centered education that entails studying, observing, and eventually fully practicing their culture that defines, creates, celebrates, sustains and develops them.

2.  Creates African Self-Identity

During the transatlantic slave trade that took place between the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean, millions of African people were sold into slavery. Over the course of 400 years, African people’s identity has been distorted as they were stripped of their original languages, original African names and spirituality. In addition, African people on the continent experienced a different kind of identity crisis through colonization, which divided Africa into colonies and imposed foreign languages and culture values.

African-centered scholars and educators attempt to provide a framework for the reconstruction of African cultures and identities around the best morals, values, and cultural practices that both traditional and contemporary African societies have to offer.

3.  Produces African-Institution Builders

An institution is defined as “any structure or mechanism of social order governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community and are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern living behavior.”

In  “The State of African Education,” renowned educator and author Dr. Asa Hilliard writes:  “A global system of power distribution has dictated and continues to dictate the nature of the education and socialization processes.”

African-centered educators maintain that there can be no true African-centered education until people of African descent control the institutions within their community.

Institution building involves creating the necessary agencies that are designed to impart knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to survive and progress.

4. Produces Black Nation Builders

Along with culture and identity, education must help restore the concept of nationhood, manhood and womanhood for African people, according to historian and educator Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

African-centered educators believe that wherever Blacks happen to be in the world, they constitute a nation or a nation that is within a nation, and that concept is called Black nationalism.

Dr. Kmt G. Shockley states in Culture, Power, and Education: The Philosophies and Pedagogy of African Centered Educators:  “Black nationalism requires that Blacks develop a sense of agency toward fixing the problems within their own communities. Agency eventually leads toward nation building. Agency and nation building involve the intentional and focused attempt to ‘develop African youth to be specifically trained to further develop and ‘administrate the state’ (that is, control the community).

“Blacks cannot learn to ‘administrate the state’ if they are not equipped with attitudes that teach them that they, in fact, should administer and be agents for Black upliftment.”

5. Empowers Black Students

Professor and author, Dr. Wade Nobles states in Madhubuti & Madhubuti that an “African-centered curriculum appropriately connects the Black experience to the African cultural world view and value system. This connection facilitates a healthy context from which African-Americans can learn about and understand themselves and the world.”

A 2012 study published in the journal Child Development found “racial pride to be the most powerful factor in protecting children from the sting of discriminatory behavior. It directly and positively related to three out of four academic outcomes—grade-point averages, educational aspirations, and cognitive engagement—and was also related to resilience in the face of discrimination.”



19 Feb

The Winter Session session set off to a great start!  Thank you – Asante Sana – Medase to all new and returning families for making this our largest session yet! 

As always the Afronauts – the heart and soul of MLL – are simply amazing and it is our honor to AfriVenture with all of you – 

The future sure does look bright from here!

Winter 2016 Registration Open

18 Dec

Winter AfriVentrues 2016 Join Us On A

Winter AfriVentureTM!

Beginning the week of January 18 – the week of March 14, 2016

Welcome Back All the Returning Afronaut Baobab Star Seeds, Herus and Apep’s!

 & Welcome all New Students!

We are excited to begin a new session of innovative African Centered programming.

What’s New?

This Winter we are excited to be offering 5 AfriVenturesTM! That is the most AfriVenturesTM we have offered in a single session because we are growing! 

Time Flexibility

We want every child wherever they are in the world to have access to a great African History program.  So, as we did last session, we are offering 2 sessions each of our online AfriVenturestm- morning and afternoon .  Find a time that will work best for you wherever you are in the world.  If the available times do not work for your schedule of for your time zone please email us at and we will do what we can to accommodate you at a more convenient time for you. Let’s make it work!

So, tell your friends and families and let them know to join us and a growing number of families who are teaching their children about their ancient African roots and preparing them for their great future.

AfriVenturesTM Best for ages 8 to 14.

Click on the links below to find out more about each AfriVentures OR if you are ready to Register Now click here

Mondays:  African History Heritage & Me 11am and 4:30pm US EST

Tuesdays:  Discovering The Ancient Nile Valley: Deities, Royalty & The Blameless Ethiopians Part 1 – Deities  11am and 4:30pm US EST

Wednesdays:  Discovering The Ancient Nile Valley: Deities, Royalty & The Blameless Ethiopians Part 2 – Royalty  11am and 4:30pm US EST

Thursdays: African Centered Science: Intro to Electricity Part 2     11am and 4:30pm US EST

Fridays: African Centered Science: Intro to Electricity Part 1           11am and 4:30pm US EST

See what others are saying about the AfriVentures:

Our The Ancient Nile Valley: Deities, Royalty & The Blameless Ethiopians AfriVentures Class ended today. Our family learned a lot. The content for this online class was academically superb and the interactive games during class reinforced what was learned. The projects and follow up missions also supported what was learned, were interactive and fun. I hope some of you look into these online classes for your children and families. They’re aesthetically beautiful. This “Ourstory” content is not taught in your Public or Private School classrooms. Thanks again Mwalimu Njeri Nembhard you are genius and your love for our children and global community is evident.

We cannot say enough about AfriVentures! These classes are engaging, interactive, though provoking, out of this time and space! Our whole family has gained much knowledge through the courses that we have invested in and it is such a wonderful opportunity for your youth to explore ourstory in such a creative space! Come join the Afronaut Baobab Star Seed and Heru Abusua!

Mama Njeri Nembhard is a GREAT educator who offers fun interactive ways of engaging our young children into the Blacknificence of Ourstory.


” AfriVentures were a success for our entire family….(it )was a great learning experience and so much family fun…! Thanks again Mwalimu Njeri Nembhard for this phenomenal learning experience.”

“What a wonderful adventure through our history and legacy. I anxiously look forward to the next online AfriVenture!”

“Our watoto had the opportunity to enjoy a version of this course, it was AMAZING. You talk about time travel, each class had us venturing to various paRts of the world and different time periods of the Universe! We loved it! Asante Sana for creating and offering such a wonderful experience.”

“I just wanted to share a BIG THANK YOU to Mama Njeri for putting together such a wonderful African history class for children.  Each Monday we were glued to our computers as (we) journeyed through time with (our) classmates from the comfort of our home.  (We) learned about what it means to be an African, the Maafa , the Dogon people and many other aspects of our African legacy. “