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The Afronaut Club

MLL educating Afronauts since 2012 CE, 2004 Ethiopian Calendar, 10,054th year of Yoruba records of time

Join an AfriClass

10 weeks of live, in-person, interactive, in-depth online classes taught by a caring teacher. In an AfriClass your child will become an Afronaut Explorer and earn their special Afronaut code name. Join and learn why the afronaut motto is: “Sharpen your eyes and Tune your ears, So you know what you see, Understand what you hear.” (from the poem by Listervelt Middleton)

Become an Afronaut

Meet other Afronauts, get a code-name, meet children and families from interesting places and explore our heritage together…..

What is The Afronaut Club?

The Afronaut Club is a space where people young and old,  families and children can find interesting, fun, family-friendly, globally-oriented, African-Centered activities.

What People Say

“I liked her activities, She had terrific teaching energy and she was exciting.”


“I learned about the Africans all over the world.”

“She kept me interested with new information”

“I learned that things are not always what they look like”

“The strengths were the songs and presentations”

“Mama Njeri knows a lot about history, she makes the classes fun and interesting. “