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Dinizulu Gene Tinnie on Sunday, September 20, 2020 @ 3pm EST Online
Sculptor, author, educator, graphic artist, adjunct professor, historic preservationist and community activist. Protecting, documenting, and interpreting African History…

We are honored to be able to speak with Dinizulu Gene Tinnie – a veritable walking library. He is a sculptor, author, educator, graphic artist, adjunct professor, historic preservationist and community activist who has done so much in the community.  He is also the Founder & Co-director of the “The Dos Amigos/Fair Rosamond Middle Passage Ship Replica Project” which is a proposal to bring the whole story of the Middle Passage to life as only a ship replica can, based on the rare actual surviving design plans of a 19th century brigantine schooner belonging to the era of specifically designed (illegal) slavers, and which had a life on both sides of the law, having been captured and converted to a slaver-catcher in the British Royal Navy.
A true Afronaut,  he has spent his amazing life finding, preserving, recording and teaching about the global African experience through art, writing and community work. Gene Tinnie and his wife Wallis Hamm, originally from West Palm Beach travel throughout Florida collecting data and lecturing on Maroons, Seminole Indians, and the Atlantic slave trade, particularly the Middle Passage. For more than forty years Gene Tinnie has studied the nature of slavery and particularly slave ships. Tinnie works tirelessly to bring consciousness to the community regarding the African Cemetery in Key West and the United Nation’s efforts on behalf Human Rights. And there’s a more so don’t miss the chance to learn about his life and all he has seen – he will tell us all about it!

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