October 2020 Afronaut Club Activities

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Afronaut Club Meeting –

Games and Challenges

Sunday, October 11, 2020 @3pm EST Club Members ONLY!

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People Doing Amazing Things in The World!

Maria Villanueva on Sunday, October 18 , 2020 @ 3pm EST Online Club Members ONLY
Maria and Christopher Gooden, owners of Fountain Heights Fame in Birmigham Alabama. Come and learn how they are growing food for their community. In just a few months post COVID they went from feeding their own family to feeding 400 people…. 

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Art With Me

Join me for some Art Fun! Relaxing Fun for Everybody!

Sunday, October 25, @3pm EST Online – Free and Open to the public

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What are People Saying…

“I liked her activities, She had terrific teaching energy and she was exciting.”


“I learned about the Africans all over the world.”

“She kept me interested with new information”

“I learned that things are not always what they look like”

“The strengths were the songs and presentations”

“Mama Njeri knows a lot about history, she makes the classes fun and interesting. “

Our Motto…..

Sharpen your eyes and tune your ears, So you know what you see, Understand what you hear..

Listervelt Middleton

About Us

Maroon Life Learning, LLC or simply MLL  is a company created by husband and wife team Njeri and Jeffrey Nembhard……. 

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