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The main objective of our programs is to show youth and all people of African descent their own personal potential by introducing them to their history and to the achievements of Africans through the Ages.

The goals of our programs are:

  1. To introduce the reality of African intellectual achievement and cultural contributions to the world through art and science and in so doing debunk the myths and stereotypes about Africa developed hundreds of years ago and still perpetuated today.
  2. To create a personal connection of the program participants to the vast wealth of knowledge and culture of their African heritage and thereby instill in them a sense of their own capacity to achieve
  3. To enjoy a full immersion learning experience

MLL has a unique 4 prong approach to teaching all its programs.

  1. Connecting To Africa

    We endeavor to connect the student to that awareness that Africans have had a long history, perhaps the longest of any other people on earth.

  2. Critical Thinking Skills

    We teach critical thinking skills.  Our students learn how to learn, discern and build their own knowledge.  It is essential for all people, and especially people of African descent, to be able to decipher the world in which they live and to continue to find ways to not just survive but to thrive spiritually, mentally and materially.

  3. Primary Sources

    As much as possible, we use primary sources of information such as clips from African television stations, excerpts from diaries and personal accounts, artifacts, music, photographs etc.  Inquiry into primary sources encourages students to connect to the past through the lives and views of people from the past. They then move from concrete observations and facts to questioning and making inferences about the materials. When primary sources are not available we teach students how to ask the right questions to determine the authenticity, relevance, voracity and purpose of a particular source of information regarding Africa or anything else.

  4. Games and Challenges

    Maroon Life Learning has created it’s own exclusive exciting digital games! Everybody likes to have fun and we are no exception.  Games and challenges are an integral part of our program.  In fact,  These games get everyone moving, having fun and especially Learning.  Games help our program participants connect personally to the material and to the other program participants.

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