Tenge.neza – Get Your Science On

Families and Friends That Play Together, Stay Together

Come Out and Play!

AfriVentures - Solar Car Races3

Tenge.neza. – Means Make In Swahili

Build, Tinker, Create and Get Your Science On

Science In The Park

Celebrating African Scientific Knowledge

Commemorating Black Scientists and Inventors

Learn about Black Scientists and Inventors from the DC area and engage in some cool science fun in the park!

Solar Car Races in The Park

Do you have a solar car set?  Wanna see how it holds up against other solar car sets? Don’t have a solar car set?  Come anyway – Parts will be provided.

Come alone, with a friend or bring out the whole Family for a Tenge.neza day.

Science in the Park.

When: Saturday July 11, 2015

Where: Bladensburg Waterfront Park (Covered Picnic Area)

Time:  10am to 12:30pm

Cost:  $10 per adult with your own solar car kit

$5 per child (5 to 18) with own solar car kit

$20 per adult without solar car kit (solar car kit will be provided)

$10 per child (5 to 18) without solar car kit

$25 per family of 3 or more people with own solar car kit

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