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Baba Amenseph on Sunday August 16, 2020 @ 3pm EST Online
Afrikan Family Sur-Thri-Val & Preparedness

Baba Amenseph is a Husband, Father and Grandfather who is committed to the Love and Union of Family. As an entrepreneur he is the Guardian Director of “The Harambee Connection” – Non Profit Org and Administrative Host of “The HC Media Network”; Founder/Instructor of “Black to Ntr” Survival & Preparedness and is a Certified Firearms Instructor – “Akoben Solutions“. Baba Amenseph is a student/researcher of Afrikan Historiography, Culture and Spirituality; and is dedicated to providing resources and connections to Afrikan Centered Education as well as being a practitioner in Holistic Care Management. Baba Amenseph will be sharing great information on how we can not just survive this pandemic and all that it brings, but SUR-THRIVE! Join us – YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS

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Special! OPEN to ALL for our Inaugural Month of August – 3pm EST Sunday, August 16, 2020

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Kenneth Stewart on Friday, August 23, 2020 @ 3pm EST Online
Protecting, documenting, and interpreting shipwrecks of the African slave trade…

Kenneth Stewart is the co-founder of 2 amazing organizations:
Diving With A Purpose (DWP) an award-winning leading, international organization that provides education and training programs, mission leadership, and project support services for submerged heritage preservation and conservation projects worldwide with a focus on the African Diaspora. And,
The Tennessee Aquatic Project (TAP)– An organization dedicated not only to teaching youth how to swim, but also where youth can learn about themselves along with the environment around them, and the community in which they live.
He will be sharing his amazing life story with us – DON’T MISS THIS!!

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Special! OPEN to ALL for our Inaugural Month of August- 3pm EST Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

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“I liked her activities, She had terrific teaching energy and she was exciting.”


“I learned about the Africans all over the world.”

“She kept me interested with new information”

“I learned that things are not always what they look like”

“The strengths were the songs and presentations”

“Mama Njeri knows a lot about history, she makes the classes fun and interesting. “

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