MLL Teen Leadership Academy Building The Future We Want

Welcome to the MLL Teen Leadership Academy. All around us we hear the cries for a change to the current systems we live under. We know what we DO NOT WANT, but do we ever stop to think about what we do want and how we would go about creating this vision. The MLL Teen Leadership Academy is designed to provide the youth with an opportunity to think critically through this process of change. In the 2 years we spend together, we will get an understanding for how we got here and critically determine how we can get out. We will examine questions like: What is freedom? Is freedom personal or collective? Can it be both? How would a successful society look? Does democracy work? What kinds of economic organization would be ideal? Through reading, writing, watching movies and documentaries, listening to music, discussing and analyzing the students will begin to create the blueprint for the future they want.

This is a live in person class that consists of 10 weekly 1.5 hour per sessions. Each cohort of classes is limited to 10 students only. Acceptance is based on your application. Students signing up for this class must commit to at least 1 year of attendance. This is for serious applicants only.

Costs and Payment Plans

  • $200* per 10 week session for 1 child ($14 per week)
    • 30% off for each additional child
  • $238* for 2 children in the same family ($23.80 per week)
  • $336* for 3 children in the same family ($33.60 per week)
  • $434* for 4 children in the same family ($43.40 per week)
    • For more than 5 children please contact us:
    • 301-789-4538 email:
    • Payment Plans Are Available!
    • *There is a material fee for some classes.
    • Note: Must have at least 10 participants for class to be held . If there are not enough participants by the 1st day of class you will receive a full refund.

AfriClasses Weekly Schedule Fall 2022 ( Beginning Week of Sept 12, 2022)

Payment Plans Available: email us or inbox us on Facebook

Creating a Blueprint For The Future We Want 1

Saturdays: 11am – 12:30pm EST – Apr 2 – June 11 (11 weeks, 1 week off)

Using movies, stories and game play we will explore the following themes: What is human nature? How do we as humans organize ourselves? How are public services funded? How are homes funded? Where do taxes go? How are things organized to keep working? How are changes made to the system?

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