Discovering The Ancient Nile Valley 2

(A Global AfriClass Offered Online To The World )

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Pre-requisite Discovering The Ancient Nile Valley: Deities, Royalty & The Blameless Ethiopians – Part 1 Go to DANV PART 3

This class (DANV 2) is created to introduce young people to the Wonders of the ancient African Nile Civilizations.  DANV 2 is dedicated to earning about the Royalty – the Rulers of this ancient land. Who were the Pharaohs?  What secrets did they leave buried in the ground? What did they believe in?  What are the stories of their lives?

The participants will journey through the past to Discover and Learn.

This AfriClass is best for ages 8 to 14.

It Consists of 10 weekly 1.5 hour classes.

Dates, Times & Costs :

Days:  Friday

Dates:  September 18 – December 4, 2020 (10 classes, 1 week break)

Times:   Mornings: 11am to 12:30pm (US Eastern Standard Time)

*Must have at least 10 participants for class to be held


Cost:    $140.00* for one child

$160.00* for 2 Children in the same family

$180.00* for 3 or more Children in the same family

        *+ $10.00 materials fee for 1 child; $5 for each additional child. (Price for US based students. Fee to be determined for other countries.)

Payment Plans Available: email us or inbox us on Facebook

(If The Time Does Not Work For You in Your Country, Please Let Us Know And We Will Do Our Best To Find a Time That Will Work For You!)

Where:  ONLINE OPEN To  You Wherever You Are In The World!

Classes In Your Timezone

*Must have at least 10 participants

We Are Flexible For The All Many Schedules of Homeschooling and Extraschooling families

Fall Session Begins Week of September 14, 2020

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