Join The Afronaut Club!

The Afronaut Club Begins on September 14, 2016!!

So What is the Afronaut Club?

The Afronaut Club is a club for young people ages 7 to 16 to explore the world from an African based chronology or AfriTime as we call it – and cultural perspective.  Keep in mind that the AfriTime is really human time as Africans are the oldest humanoids on the planet.

What are the Benefits of  Becoming An Afronaut?

Afronauts world-wide will be able to participate in any or all of the following activities:

  • Joint research projects that benefit the community
  • Story Time – Listen to ancient and current African stories
  • Interviews with members of the global Africa community who are doing interesting things
  • Friendly Competitions
  • Create or Join interest groups – writing, book clubs, science clubs etc
  • Monthly Newsletters – Afronauts can submit articles, jokes, puzzles etc.
  • Somewhere to share your talents and ideas
  • Crafting – learn or participate in creating exciting crafts

How much does it cost to become an Afronaut?

  • 1 Child – $40/year
  • 2 Children in the same family – $50/year
  • 3 or more Children in the same family – $60/year


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