My World an MLL S.T.E.A.M. AfriVenture

(STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math)

STEAM LOGOBuilding Simple MachinesBuilding a Solar CarCollection of small rocks for water filter

(Offered in our MLL Homeroom)

Our AFriVenture STEAM class is a holistic, hands-on, African-Centered experience that  includes fun projects, challenges, games, geology, astronomy, geography and more!!

STEAM AfriVenture Summary

We live in a world full of wonder and delight! We are always surrounded by science whether we know it or not.  Our AfriVentures take our children out into the world to sense and interact with science thereby helping them to better understand their world and how it works.    It is a comprehensive, African-Centered systems approach to earth science. What better way to excite our children about science than to teach them the wonders of their world and its direct and immediate applications in their day to day lives.

The AfriVentures are flexible in that you can take the whole 10 week session or you can pick and choose subjects that better reflect your homeschooling or extra schooling curriculum.

Wednesdays  April 27 to Dec 6  12:00pm to 3:00pm

($260 for the Full Session but can be taken in sections)

AfriVenture Here

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