Black Parents as First Educators of Their Children

Addition_Book_Cover Maroon Life Learning, LLC ( is a company started by a husband and wife team of homeschooling parents, Njeri and Jeffrey Nembhard who believe that parents are the first educators of their children.  This is especially true for black families because most education systems, including those in Africa, DO NOT teach black children the truth about the extensive and seminal role their ancient race has played and continues to play in the history of the world.  Black children all over the world are languishing in school systems that, in our estimation, purposefully do not provide them with adequate information about their past which results in the gross miseducation, low self esteem and low achievement among many of us.

Enter the role of the black parents.  The huge responsibility of passing on “our story” falls on the shoulders of black parents who understand the situation and know that “our story” has been ‘white-washed’.  We must become the teachers and facilitators of the right information.  This is a difficult task for many of us because the vast majority of us are products of these very same “educational” institutions and are thus also ignorant of much of our own history.

Resources are scarce as written and digital material for children and adults alike about ancient African history are not found in the mainstream book outlets and educational institutions.  You have to know where to find it.  And if you do know where to find it, putting it into understandable information for kids provides a big barrier to parents in terms of time and preparation.

Another difficulty is that many of us define ourselves in
their conquerors terms, British, American, Ugandan, Jamaican, Brazilians, etc.  This also makes it difficult to find the right information to pass on to our children because in the past we were not known by these names.  And so in looking for information along these identities further compounds our ignorance and continues the hegemony of the European as conqueror and we as conquered in our stories.  All these things combined make it very difficult
for parents to even try to teach their kids in a cohesive or sustainable way.

By establishing Maroon Life Learning, we are attempting, in our own small way to fill the gap in the lack of curriculum materials relevant and specifically designed for the specific needs of our children at this time in our history.  We hope that you will find the materials as useful as we have.

Keep learning so that you can keep teaching.

Aluta Continua.

Maroon Life Learning

Building Knowledge Building the Future

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