How Do You Identify Yourself?


How do you identify yourself? “I’m a black man or woman”, “I’m an African, Asian, Cherokee, etc.”, “I’m a human”, “I’m a spirit”, “I’m a spirit having a human experience”, “I’m African-American”, “I’m a patriot”, “I’m just a green shirt”, etc.

What makes up one’s identity? Your hair? Your place of birth? Your parents? Political party? Race?

Are we individuals working together? Or are we a collective community with individual parts?

Please send me a reply or comment to these questions and let’s get a discussion going about our roots.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Identify Yourself?

      1. No. The maker, the owner, cream of the planet earth god of the universe. I am more than just a land mass named after a European.

      2. Aaah yes indeed we are soo much more. I thought more about this all yesterday and I came up with the following thoughts. Having been born and raised on the continent of Africa and having many people I love there it has a special place in my heart but I NEVER think of myself ethnically or nationally because that is too limited to an arbitrary construct. I believe my ancestors were from Axum, and Kemet and who knows from where else so the name changes as the people change. Also, the whole planet earth holds a special place in my heart. Politically, I view myself as black. That is basically because of the “maafa” – trauma of slavery and colonization. If that had never happened, I may not have viewed myself as black. Technically, I am against oppression, subjugation and cruelty and were I a different race, say white, for example, I believe I would be fighting the systeme as much as I am now because wrong is wrong no matter who did it. So, logically, viewing myself as black I would have to admit is also arbitrary as it is based on the actions of people in the past. So, ultimately, I would identify myself as Cassava Soul (I don’t know why that name but it just feels right to me) – a spirit, created in the pattern of the stars in this small part of the universe striving to work out my journey and live within the axioms or principles I believe are governing the universe I live in — truth and integrity. I believe if we break down the lies that keep us all bound in this destructive mode of existence then all beings can live a freer more honest existence. Actually, I may have to blog about this because it goes deeper and deeper the more I really think about it. So, what is the truth? Well, that is ultimately what I am trying to figure out. What are we doing here? There are some basic tangible truths that we can fight for – like the fight against racism. But there are other truths that are not tangible that I try to figure out – like what is the reality of this thing we call life. There are so many mysteries. The Dogon say we came from the Sirius star system — so what are we doing here? Other ancients have similar stories – the story of the annunaki for example. Is the illuminati real and is it something we should care about? So between my life as Cassava Soul, a mother, wife, friend, consumer, I would have to say that my identity is evolving… Thanks Erika for making me have to sit down and gather my thoughts on this.

  1. Wow, great to see more of our people educating there own. We don’t know all the know hows from the gate, but its the attempt and the dedication that matters. We will succeed if we keep to the commandments of the Creator and strive for understanding. We are Hebrew Israelites. Its sounds like the Maroons are too. Most High bless your endeavors and I pray we all find in ourselves our true nationality. African and Maroon’s are both from the european languages–lets look further!! Was Abraham your father? Shalom and Peace.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Tamariyah. Yes, we must educate ourselves and tell our own stories, that is the way of all peoples is it not? Please share the website with anyone you think might be interested in telling Ourstory to the children. Peace and Blessings.

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