Introducing All New Fall 2014 AfriVentures!!

Want your child to become an exploring, researching, learning agent of change?  Then MLL AfriVentures may be for you!  So, what Is An AfriVenture?


*An AfriVenture is an MLL trademark.

Simply put….

an AfriVenturetm =

AfricanCentered + Hands On + Holistic + Exploratory + Adventurous + Experiential + Educational + Fun


 At MLL, we believe in going out into the world and exploring, touching, seeing and interacting.  We believe in learning about the Origin of things.  We love to answer the questions WHY and HOW.  Learning about rivers? Go out and experience one!  Want to learn about history?  Look for it, it is all around us!  Or better yet Make History – because every moment holds within it the seeds of greatness!  Our forebears left their traces everywhere – look for it, dig for it, research it and find it – even if it is carried in the wind.

Sound exciting to you?  Then, join us for a Fall AfriVenturetm!

African History, Heritage & Me AfriVenturetm

S.T.E.A.M My World AfriVenturetm

Download Our Flyer Fall 2014 MLL AfriVentures Poster2

Check out pictures of some of our recent AfriVenturestm!

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