Thank You! Asante! Medase! To All Participants in the Fall 2014 AfriVentures!

13 Dec

What an Awesome, AfriTastic AfriVenturetm we had!!

Thanks, Asante, Medase to all the wonderful families with whom we had the pleasure of spending time with over the Spring and Fall of 2014!

We will be starting our next AfriVenturestm on January 12.

African History, Heritage & Me

Discovering The Nile Valley: Deities, Royalty & The Blameless Ethiopians

Click Here to Register!  Feet

The great Afrikan history master teacher, author and researcher, John Henrik Clarke said, “If we are going to be masters of our destiny, we must be masters of the ideas that influence that destiny.

And, that begins with the ideas we have about ourselves.  By the look of the pictures below, our destiny looks

R-A-D-I-A-N-T indeed!   What do you think?

Afriventures King

An AfriVentures King!

AfriVentures Orisha Aquario

An AFriVentures Orisha!

Afriventures Orisha Fruitbat

An AfriVentures Orisha!

AfriVentures President

An AfriVenutures President!

An AFriVentures Queen!

An AFriVentures Queen!

One Response to “Thank You! Asante! Medase! To All Participants in the Fall 2014 AfriVentures!”

  1. Chati Ya Kazi December 20, 2014 at 9:37 am #

    Peace Mama Njeri and Baba Jeffery! These photos are AFRITASTIC! We are looking forward to registering for your online classes for the winter! Many thanks for doing what you are doing! We appreciate you!

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