Jump into Spring 2016 with an AfriVenture.

History is the clockIt’s AfriTime – 4 CLASSES Beginning This Month!!

Affordable Lifelong Learning

Where do you go when you or your children want to learn more about African history and culture? Chinese people go the Chinese Saturday Schools, Korean people go to Korean afterschool programs or Saturday schools. Well, why not us? Now African people have AfriVentures! Do you often find yourself wishing you or your children knew more about African history, science and culture? or Are you looking for ways to supplement your children’s education with more history about themselves? Then join us for an online AfriVenture. This month we are offering 4 AfriVentures – one for adults and 3 for children. Register Today!

African -Centered Science – An Introduction to the Earth Sciences.  Wednesdays for 10 weeks March 30-June1, 2016.  4:30-6:00pm.



Think Science Think Africa Winter 2016
African-Centered Science: Introduction to Electricity.  Thursdays March 31st June 2nd, 2016.  After School Science Fun. 4:30pm t- 6:00pm




Unveiling The Hidden History Of Africa
Unveiling  The Hidden History of Africa. Every Friday for 10 Weeks.  April 1 – June 3, 2016.  7pm to 8:30pm







NEW!!  For Adults:


African History, Heritage & Me.  Afterschool Fun Every Monday for 10 weeks Starting Monday April 11 – June 13, 2016.  4:30pm-6:00pm




2 thoughts on “Jump into Spring 2016 with an AfriVenture.

  1. what are that dates for signing up a child for Afriventures begining in August or September of 2016/2017

    1. Greetings Nanette! Please accept my sincere apologies for not responding sooner, but I am only just seeing your email. Fall AfriVentures begin the week of Sept 19. I will be posting the schedule and information tomorrow!

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